Wednesday, August 05, 2009

"A Cricketer's life is very challenging" - Yuvraj Singh

Humorous Quote by Yuvraj Singh - "A cricketer's life is very challenging'
Yeah sure. Driving a Crore Rs. worth Hummers in India. Dating Bollywood Actresses. Appearing on front covers of fashion magazines. Wearing Tag and Rolex. Contracting with companies for a few million bucks for posing in front of television. Flying business class to coutries. Living in five star hotels. Having one billion people as fan base.
Boy, it sounds so challenging and tough. I am jealous as hell. Are you?

Saturday, August 01, 2009

Joy of the first bicycle ride

Do you remember the feeling of your first bicycle ride all by yourself ? Your parents pushed your bicycle from behind, ran with it and then eventually let you go on your own. A moment of fear then a delicate balance, then surge of self confidence and finally the feeling of liberation! Your bicycle sailing on the road. Your first ride.

I was in a park jogging today and I saw a little kid on a bicycle with his father. I saw him ride on his own after a while and I saw his face. That triumphant and jubilant face reminded me of the days when I was learning the bicycle. Though the memories were very hazy, I could still feel it myself after all these years. And although I can't recollect who it was that taught me, I do remember the place. It was in the playground of my uncle's vacation home in the suburbs of Sihor town. It was a very old Atlas cycle of red color with handles bent inward as it was the style in its days. It was a bike almost a generation old at that time. Nevertheless, it did the job!