Thursday, July 28, 2005

Ever wondered?

Ever wondered why you are here?

The question has perplexed almost all the phiolsophers. Many has endeavored in search of the answer. But have failed is what I can say.

There is 'A purpose'. Or 'The purpose'?

Are we all here for the same purpose? Or everyone has some unique purpose in their 'life'. Now if I had posed this question to Socrates, he would defenitely have replied back with a question, "what do you mean by life". But anyway, as he is not with us, let us continue our discussion.

Is there 'A purpose' or 'The purpose'

A utilitarion (Utilitarianism is a branch of philosophy) would say, 'The purpose'. Why? Because according to him, the only purpose of a life is to contribute to the increase of the total happiness of the earth. So this is the purpose. He would say that the purpose is same for all. It is just the manifestation or culmination of it in different ways.

I more or less agree with this point. If you think God as an entity who is there for 'Good', you will think that all he does is to make sure that the Universe is a better place to live in. So whatever life forms are created by him, they all have the same purpose. I got a lot more to say and think on this.